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Hi, my name is Daniel. I graduated high school as the Dux of my cohort with an ATAR of 99.90, and I was recognised as a QCAA Distinguished Academic Achiever, placing me in the top 40 students in Queensland. This alongside a high UCAT score enabled me to get provisional entry in UQ med where I took a slightly unconventional path of doing engineering as my undergraduate degree. I’m a recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship at UQ and have maintained perfect grades throughout my degree (GPA 7). I’ve also sought out opportunities beyond my regular classes, including making this very website.

One of my goals in life is to manage my time effectively so I can not only achieve top grades but do the more rewarding things in life, like exercising and spending time with my family, friends and girlfriend.

I’m really passionate about sharing my experiences to help other students pursue their interests whilst also succeeding academically! After substantial experience in private tutoring, I’ve learned how to help students achieve their best through personally curated learning experiences.



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Leah Zambon
Leah Zambon

I struggled a lot with chemistry but thankfully I found Daniel gibbon who was offering his services on Facebook and he tutored me in my final year of high school. He is absolutely amazing, he is patient and understanding and delivers an outstanding service that I found very beneficial to my studies. I failed my year 11 chemistry final exam but got a 78% in my year 12 final exam and I couldn’t be happier. I could never have done it without Daniel’s guidance, so thank you so much!

Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen

Daniel has been an amazing tutor!!! He is really kind, considerate, and understanding. From no knowing anything Chemistry, he helped me achieved a really good score on my final result. Would 100% recommend.